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Monday, 23 October 2017

High Tech Weapons, Now in Spanish!

Yes, I'm back, and now you can get my latest RPGPundit Presents #3: High Tech Weapons in Spanish!

You can get it up there at DTRPG, or you can get it from Precis' own store.

So if you're a Spanish-language OSR gamer and looking for some quick, easy but interesting rules and templates for weapons for your Gonzo RPG, please check it out, for only $1.99!

Of course, if you're an English-language OSR gamer wanting the same, pick up the original in English.


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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Kotaku Goes After D&D Black Civilization for Being Too African, or Not Enough

Nothing is ever, ever enough for the Ctrl-Left.  And I wish gaming companies would really get that. Absolutely no actions will ever satisfy them.

Case in point, the latest D&D book, Tomb of Annihilation features an area of the Forgotten Realms which was once just barbarian jungle vaguely in the style of the heart of Africa.

But for Tomb, Wizards re-imagined it as featuring a significant and developed city-state obviously inspired by African history and cultures in the same vanilla-generic way that the "white" countries in the Realms are vaguely generically inspired by 'medieval Europe'.

For Kotaku, this was a vile act of racism.

The most ridiculous part is how this very white alleged 'game journalist' says WoTC should have made the Realms' black civilization a "black Atlantis" of (I assume perfect and flawless) "bleeding edge technologists that engineer magical machinery", when we all know that if Wizards had done that Kotaku's white propagandists of leftist Identity-culture would have just accused Wizards of something like "erasing any element of African culture from their world" or how "white kingdoms get to be based off Europe but black kingdoms don't get to celebrate Africa".

That's just how it is for them. The point is never to be satisfied. It's to keep damning the hobby.  My own Arrows of Indra game was accused of being racists by the Ctrl-Left, largely for being too accurate a depiction of certain aspects of Indian culture, like the caste system. If I had ignored the caste system, I would have been accused of ignoring it. There's never any way to win their stupid game, and the only way to avoid losing is to just tell them to go fuck themselves.

Quit lying, Kotaku. We know your whole agenda is to never, ever be satisfied with anything anyone does, because you keep making money off of false outrage and increasingly ludicrous demands that somehow will never be enough when they are met.


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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Classic Rant: Sci-fi Dark Albion?

So, how about the War of the Roses in space?

Game of Thrones crossed with Star Wars?

(Lord Vader of House Skywalker; motto: "the Force is strong in us")

Sounds pretty good, right?  Well, over at the Swords & Stitchery blog, a post has been made suggesting that we could combine Dark Albion with Stars Without Number.
Now, mechanically there would be no more problem doing this than with any other OSR game, but the question is how to incorporate the setting?  The blog entry above takes inspiration from some weird Russian Sci-Fi and suggests that the PCs could be characters from some galactic empire who are forced to land on an primitive world (Albion's earth) and have only limited access to technology or permission to interfere.

But why not take it all the way?

Imagine if, like how Star Trek is basically a space-western, and Star Wars at least started out as a space-samurai-story, you were to combine Dark Albion and SWN to have a campaign that was the War of the Roses in space? Have the two great families struggling for the throne of a galactic kingdom, in a setting with a medieval aesthetic in the Fading Suns sense, maybe in a galaxy that was once far more advanced and now interstellar civilization is just barely holding on.

Magisters could be keepers of now only half-understood ultra-tech (nanites? quantum sorcery?) or psionics.  The Clerics may be Jedi-like servants of some kind of super-advanced cosmic entity they only partially understand.  The forces of chaos (frogmen, goblins, Elves, etc.) are hostile alien races in a galaxy where mankind has never found any friends.

Doesn't sound too bad, does it?

You wouldn't have to use SWN of course. You could use White Star, given how much James Spahn likes Albion; or pretty much any other sci-fi game (though a sci-fi OSR game would be best). Which system you use might alter slightly what you'd be blending into the setting, mind you, so it's still a consideration.

But yeah, stuff like this is to me part of the genius of 3rd Wave OSR thinking.


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(originally posted October 23, 2015)

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

The RPGPundit Presents #3: High Tech Weapons!

So, right on time, we now present you with the next in the Pundit Presents series: high tech weapons!

Yes, this week's supplement details rules for handling high-tech weaponry of various kinds, including things like burst fire, energy clips, and more. And it provides a variety of easily-adaptable type of high-tech weapons, from slug throwers to blasters to ion or plasma weapons; even grenades and rocket-launchers.  All intended for use in a Gonzo fantasy game.

Only $1.99, be sure to check it out on DTRPG or at the Precis Intermedia online store.

And in case you haven't seen them yet, don't forget the other titles in this series:

RPGPundit Presents #1: DungeonChef!

RPGPundit Presents #2: The Goetia

And stay tuned next week for our next entry in the series: Hipster Elves!


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Monday, 16 October 2017

The Goetia, Now in Spanish; Plus a Gnomemurdered Sale!

So, today we have for you the Spanish edition of my RPGPundit Presents #2: The Goetia.

En RPGPundit Presenta #2: La GoeciaTraza un círculo mágico de protección y una guarda triangular con el símbolo de un demonio para invocarlo. Reza porque cumpla tu voluntad, y no la suya propia. Este número proporciona 72 demonios y sus beneficios, junto con las reglas necesarias para invocarlos. Inspirado en grimorios medievales sobre magia con el objetivo de que tus partidas tengan un sabor más auténtico.

But today, that's not all! if you were looking for a light-hearted party-game RPG (mind you, in English), be sure to check out my old game Gnomemurdered. 

Right now, Precis Intermedia is engaging in a special Halloween sale, where you can get the book for just $3.42!  You can get Gnomemurdered at the Precis Store, or at DTRPG.

Stay tuned tomorrow for RPGPundit Presents #3!


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Sunday, 15 October 2017

In Case You Need Some More Gods for Lords of Olympus

Several of these are in fact detailed in the incredibly extensive section on the Greek Gods found in Lords of Olympus, but not all of them are. So here you go:

The ones that weren't in the book can serve as minor NPCs, or as ideas for divine themes for your PCs!


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